Notebook 11 – Upgrade to NB 11.2

If you are trying to decide whether to stay with NB 11 or upgrade to NB 11.2 – consider these two new features found in NB 11.2.

1) Do you often wish there was a quick way to switch from “entire page” view to “page width” view? (Entire page when viewing someone else’s page so you can see all without scrolling – Page width in the classroom to take advantage of the full width of the board.) NOW there is. You have a new tool to add to the toolbar “Entire Page/Page Width Display” Use the gear on the top right to open the “Customize Toolbar” menu. In the “Actions” tab, locate the tool and drag it to the menu bar.

2) Are you frustrated when you wiggle your finger on an object and it ungroups? No more do you need to “Lock” to keep this from happening. In NB 11.2, Edit – Preferences – General – under Shake Gestures, remove the check mark. You can always return to turn it on.


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