Notebook 11 – making the Toolbar your own

The most obvious addition to Notebook 11 is option to have two rows in the toolbar. I will show you how to change the toolbar, adding tools you use frequently and removing tools that you never use. The toolbar has three parts, Actions, Tools, and Contextual. 

Remember, “in context” means “at the moment” so the Contextual panel only appears when a Tool is selected that has properties that can be changed. If too many icons are added to the Actions panel or Tools panel, there won’t be room for the¬†Contextual panel. Use Notebook 11 for a month or so, then move out the icons you never use and move in just those you do use regularly. You can make changes at any time, but be sure to leave space for the Contextual panel to open.

Click the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the Notebook 11 window. A window will open showing the choices for the Actions panel. You may drag any icon from the toolbar to the “Customize Toolbar” window and from the window to the Toolbar using my instructions for one or two rows. Again, don’t allow the toolbar to get too long.

Click the Tools tab to make those icons available for dragging to the toolbar. For example, if you find you use the Magic Pen every day, drag it to the bar so you won’t have to open the Pens tool to find the Magic Pen.

Once your Toolbar is the way you want it – your are ready to use Notebook 11! Come back here for more tips!


  1. The toolbar icons appear very small at the top of my screen. They are very difficult to work on a touch screen. How do I make them bigger? Changing the size of the page doesn’t change the size of the icons.

    any help appreciated,
    Philip (Ireland)

    • You can have single row instead of the two smaller rows. Press the gear in the upper right corner. The toolbar options will open. Drag from the toolbar those you will not include in your new toolbar. Drag each remaining tool to the vertical line between the tools. You should see a blue line from top to bottom. When you release, the tool will take up two rows and be twice as tall and wide. Repeat for each tool in each section (actions, add-ons, tools) until all are the larger size.

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