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Using SMART Board Tools

You may have discovered that you cannot open another SMART Notebook file from the FILE – OPEN or FILE – NEW menu without closing the current file. I dislike (“hate” is too strong a word) having to close any windows open to get to the SMART NB icon on my desktop or having to go to the START Menu (WIN 8 will get it back, I hope) so I was thrilled to learn about SMART Board Tools when I attended my first SMART Trainning. It appears in the WIN Notification Area and looks like this:

The Tools are installed when Notebook is installed but the Icon may not show if it has not been used. In that case, use the up arrow (white triangle) on the left to open the box where the unused icons are stored. Grab the SMART Board Tools and drag to the Windows Notification Area. If you use it, it will stay.

To access the menu, as it says in the graphic, click the Notebook Tools icon and choose Notebook at the top of the menu to open a new Notebook file. Be sure to notice the other options accessible in this easy way!!

For Macintosh, the Notebook Tools appear in the Dock.

To access the Tools, click on the icon in the Dock, then hold on the Icon so the Tools will open or go to the top menu to access the Tools. Choose Notebook at the top of the menu to open a new Notebook file or open one of the other available Tools.

Links to more information on SMART Tools

Windows  or  Macintosh

If for some reason you cannot find the Tools – go to the Start Menu and under All Programs – SMART Technologies you should see the SMART Board Tools. Clicking on it will add the Tools to the Windows Notification Area but it will only stay until the computer is restarted. To make it stay you will need to add it to the Startup Menu on the computer. Go to the SMART Technologies folder in the Program Files folder on the C: drive. Locate the SMART Board tools Application, right-click, choose “create shortcut”. One the shortcut is created cut and paste it into the Startup Folder in All Programs on the Start Menu. A restart of the computer should see the SMART Notebook Tools icon in the Windows Notification Area or in the folder ready to be drug to the toolbar.

Notebook 11 – Upgrade to NB 11.2

If you are trying to decide whether to stay with NB 11 or upgrade to NB 11.2 – consider these two new features found in NB 11.2.

1) Do you often wish there was a quick way to switch from “entire page” view to “page width” view? (Entire page when viewing someone else’s page so you can see all without scrolling – Page width in the classroom to take advantage of the full width of the board.) NOW there is. You have a new tool to add to the toolbar “Entire Page/Page Width Display” Use the gear on the top right to open the “Customize Toolbar” menu. In the “Actions” tab, locate the tool and drag it to the menu bar.

2) Are you frustrated when you wiggle your finger on an object and it ungroups? No more do you need to “Lock” to keep this from happening. In NB 11.2, Edit – Preferences – General – under Shake Gestures, remove the check mark. You can always return to turn it on.