Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Projector Remote is for more than ON/OFF

Each button is a toggle (on-off-on-off….) – The remote pictured is from EPSON, however, most remotes have at least one of these features!
Press each to turn on, press again to turn off.
Freeze – when “on” the word “FREEZE” appears in upper right corner of window.
The screen is frozen but computer display can be used and nothing on computer will appear on the SMART Board. Use this when you want an “Intro” Activity on Board for student to complete but you can then take attendance or answer and email while students work.

A/V Mute – when “on” the display is blank. You can work on your computer and nothing will show on SMART Board. Use this when you want to hide the light for less than 30 minutes*.
*If you will not use the projector for more than 30 minutes, turn the projector off.

Gray Space looks like margins when I “extend page”

The most frequently asked question recently is about the gray space that looks like a margin when the page is extended. This is not a new feature but with the latest versions of Notebook (10.7.144 and 10.8) it is now the default. It’s called “Entire Page” and is useful when you want to view the entire page. Maybe you downloaded a Notebook file made by someone else. Using this feature will allow you to see all parts of a page.

To go back to the view we are used to with no gray space, VIEW – ZOOM – Page Width. The page will now completely fill the Notebook Window. You will have to use the scroll bar to see the lower portion of any page but graphics and text will appear at their maximum designed size. This is probably the best for class viewing.

To return to “Entire Page” VIEW – ZOOM – Entire Page.

Store frequently used objects and pages in My Content

If you frequently use an object from the Gallery or Toolkit, or you find yourself creating the same object or text over and over again, place it in the My Content folder in the Gallery Tab. It will then be available for quick retrieval anytime you work on that computer.

For math, a number line or xy-coordinate plane can be placed in My Content and you will never have to search for it again! If you want to place a page in My Content see 3rd image below! Your monthly/weekly calendar or the weekly spelling words can be saved for instant access.