Monthly Archives: September 2011

New Tool!

Do you wish for a quick way to erase all the ink you just added to a page because you want to save the changes to other pages? A new tool allows for just that – first, right-click on the Tools Toolbar to bring up the “Customize Toolbar” window. Locate the “Clear Ink” tool and drag it to the Toolbar. Anytime you want to only “Clear Ink” on a page, just press. (Remember “Undo” if you do this in error.)

A wonderful new SMART Notebook feature!

When I first tried the “Transparent Background” tool that came out in the later versions of Notebook 10.7, I could not see how it was that useful. After learning more about it, I now believe that it opens a whole new aspect for SMART Board users. The basic idea is that you may have a program or Web site running with Transparent Notebook file open in front. You may write, add graphics, add links or any Notebook tool as usual on the Transparent Notebook page. The page is the front layer over whatever program or Web site you have open. The great aspect of this tool though is that you may also reach through the Tansparency to operate the program or Web site.

1) Open Notebook, add any Text or graphics that you wish to have viewable over the program or website you plan to open. (For example: If having two students or teams play an online game, you may choose to have a timer and/or scoreboard from the LAT on the side of the page)

2) Launch the Transparent Background Display by pressing the Tool on the Menu.

3) Reach “through” the transparency to open a Web site or program. Note the tool bar from the Notebook page stays in the top layer. (To go back to full Notebook mode, press on the Transparent tool on the right end of the toolbar.)

4) Continue to work with the Web site or the program but remember the transparency is there and you may write or work on it at any time.

5) There are other features to use during this mode like bringing graphics from the program or Web site into the Notebook page, but this will get you started!